A New Way to Connect,
Curate & Collaborate.


Curate and streamline digital content delivery across products and systems.


Convert static content into virtual workspaces to collaborate across devices.


Plug us into existing products where users actively engage in work and learning.

Volute turns traditional, passive digital content (e.g. PDFs, docs, videos, slides etc.) into game-like tools that combine to form collaborative workspaces improving engagement, efficiency and productivity.

Bring Content to Life

With just a click or touch, content morphs into collaborative, mobile enabled tools.

Collaborate via Virtual Workspaces

Create teams and invite peers to work and learn together with interactive tools.

Work & Learn Across Products

Tools communicate and integrate with your favorite apps and products.


Streamline Engagement Across Devices

Tools work across browsers, no herding apps or downloads to manage.

Evergreen Engagement Options

Top universities and corporations continually publish new tools to Volute's Digital Ecosystem.

Lara Heberlein
Design & Learning Innovations
We've struggled with platforms having standalone functions, when ideally, we needed an ecosystem of options that connect and enhance each other.